You are invited to participate in the greatest treasure hunt in the Pacific Northwest!  Come to Stanwood and Camano Island to search for unique hand-blown glass treasures by world-renowned glass artists, Mark and Marcus Ellinger.

Dates: February 13 - 22, 2015

How does it work?

Pick up an official Guide Book

The Official Guide Book shows you where to look for Clue Balls.

You can download the Guide Book here. Or pick one up at a local business in Stanwood and Camano Island.

Plastic Clue Balls will be hidden in local businesses and parks during the 10-day event. Bring your friends and family and have a great time exploring Stanwood and Camano Island while on your Quest!

Hint: The Clue Balls will be partially visible without you having to move anything. Sometimes the clue balls are camouflaged to make them even harder to find!

If you find a plastic Clue Ball, congratulations! You are a winner! Inside you'll find instructions on where to pick up your Glass Treasure!

Hint: All participants can Enter the Drawing to win a 2015 Great Northwest Glass Quest ball by completing the entry forms at the back of the Guide Book. Be sure to have the host businesses stamp your entry forms while you are on the Quest!


Be sure to check out Stanwood/Camano's other great Winter Festival for a bonus Quest!

The Port Susan Snow Goose & Birding Festival
Feb. 28th - March 1st

With thanks to our parent organization Design Stanwood (, and for the generous support of the Snohomish County Tourism Promotion Assistance Program and the Island County Hotel-Motel Tourism Program.


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we went looking Monday but became discouraged after 4 hours. But I found some great little shops in town that I men to make time to visit but never have
-- Carrie, 2/19/15

Ugg,found one every year except 2014. Then i was awarded with one in the drawing. Yea,don't forget to turn in those slips
-- Barbara Gross, 2/13/15

I look forward to the event every year. I may spend an hour or so walking the parks after work, or a day looking in the businesses, but however it is always a fun adventure! Great way to see the sights of Stanwood!
-- Carla Donohue, 2/10/14

Missed the first year but have done it every year since then. My mother and I have been very lucky and have both find clue balls every year. This is the most fun activity I do every year and it is good to bond with my Mom while hunting for treasure. 10 days and counting please don't ever stop having this glass quest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-- Constance Wandel, 2/4/14

My Husband an I went to the Camano State park to look on the beach. He went one way I the other way. I found my clue ball on the bench covered with a piece of drift wood. We got to go straight to the Maker himself. We had a blast hunting, we will most likely doing it again next year.
-- William & Shelly Clark, 2/21/13

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